How Do Dog Pee Pads Work?


For those who are wondering, “what are dog pee pads?”, dog pee pads are moisture-absorbing pads that are used to help train your young puppy or dog. Similar to a baby’s diapers, they:
Absorb urine into sponge-like layers of the pee pads for dogs
Enclose the liquid with a leak-proof top layer of material for odor control
If your puppy is still not an expert at asking to be let out to use the bathroom, puppy pads are an excellent tool to help them avoid making messes in inconvenient places. These pee pads for dogs are also great options for dogs who have reached old age and can’t always wait to do their business outside or incontinent dogs with health issues.


Pee pads for dogs are convenient and relatively simple to use. There are three main ways that dog pee pads can be used for canines. These options include puppy potty training for a new puppy, increased security for car travel, and for elderly dogs with mobility problems.

The Best Potty Training Method: Puppy Pee Pads

Many pet parents use dog pee pads as puppy training pads. If you're looking to pad train your pup, try the following steps:
Step One: Put your puppy in a collar, harness, or leash. When you think that he is about to pee, move him toward the pee pad or place him on top, similar to how you would train a kitten to use cat litter.
Step Two: Every time your puppy pees on the pee pad, pet him and tell him what a good job is doing. Make sure to use key phrases like pee, potty, or bathroom.
Step Three: Give your puppy a food-based reward like a treat each time he repeats this process in the same spot.
Step Four: Create a peeing schedule for your puppy. Try taking him to the pee pad once every hour, and eventually less often, to remind him that he will need to use the pee pad regularly.
Step Five: If you notice your puppy using the pee pads on his own, praise him and reward him immediately after he uses the pee pads for dogs.
Step Six: Change your puppy’s pee pad a few times per day or when you notice that it looks moist. This will avoid bad smells and encourage your puppy to use the pee pad more often.

Whether new puppies that need to be potty trained or aging dogs experiencing bathroom mishaps, dog pee pads are a helpful tool for all dog owners.

Post time: Dec-05-2022