International Women’s Day TEAM BUILDING

International Women’s Day TEAM BUILDING

3.8 is the International Women’s Day. On this special day, Hua Chen and Mickey carried out the first team building in 2023.



In this sunny spring, we held two kinds of games in the grass, the first blindfolded fight each other, who first hit who wins, the second is a game of cooperation between two people, two people with one foot tied together, the other foot tied to the balloon, and then divided into eleven groups, each other to step on the balloon, the last balloon is still in the person who wins, and finally our QC staff won the victory!

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Lunch will be a buffet BBQ with no ingredients required. When the game was over, we went to the barbecue buffet. We immediately split up the division of food and three tables, because we have three grills, but we still interact with each other, and when the other grills are ready, we share them.

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The team building was really good this time. The quality of the activity can reflect the cohesiveness of a group. If that’s the case, then our team building is a good example. It was on a special day. Happy Women’s Day to all girls.


Post time: Mar-09-2023