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Our baby wipes are special wipes for babies, which is a hand and mouth wipes.

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The cost and price of wet wipes mainly depend on non-woven fabrics. Baby wipes are generally Spunlaced non-woven, with tensile basically no deformation, thick cloth and not easy to penetrate.

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Lid packaging offering parents a quick and easy way to pull out wipes from packs of any size or design, Resealable opening label to keep wipes moist all the time.

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Natural material do not hurt baby’s skin, PH balanced formula provides the kindest way to take care of baby`s sensitive skin and is clinically proven to wipe away 99% of germs without the use of any harsh chemicals. Weak acid formula without alcohol, PH value that balances skin weak acid It's suitable for any types of skin.

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1. Double sterilization

Spirituous Bactericide compound formula Effective sterilization and baby care.

2. Motherhood

Supplies fomula Pass skin irritation test Weak acid PH of,Not stimulating.

3. No fluorescent agent

No fluorescent agent, preservative,etc.

4. Does not contain fluorescent agent

Preservative,etc Gentle formula, moisturize and moisturize without hurting hands.

5. Safe and secure

No harmful additions Can directly wrap food

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Usage scenario

1. Clean your baby's dirty hands when you go out, Especially in winter, while cleaning the baby, it also has the function of moisturizing and preventing small hands from chapping. Therefore, when going out, wet paper towels are always an essential item in the mother's bag.

2. Use our special hand and mouth wet paper towel to wipe the baby's nose, but it can only be used when it is confirmed that the baby's skin has no adverse reactions.

3.Wipe the baby's mouth after eating.

We usually make it customized. The size, wet towel material and packaging can be customized.

You can also print logo, color printing, etc. on the package.

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