Biodegradable Wipes: What to Look For When Shopping

Biodegradable Wipes

Our planet needs our help. And everyday decisions we make can either harm the planet or contribute to protecting it. An example of a choice that supports our environment is using biodegradable products whenever possible.
In this article, we’ll focus on biodegradable wet wipes. We’ll go over what you should be looking for on the label to ensure the biodegradable wipes you buy are safe for your family, as well as Mother Earth.

What are biodegradable wipes?
The key to truly biodegradable wet wipes is that they are made with natural plant-based fibers, which can break down faster in landfills. And if they’re flushable, they start to break down immediately upon contact with water. These materials continue to degrade until they are safely absorbed back into the ground, thus avoiding becoming part of the landfill.
Here’s a list of common biodegradable materials:
Organic cotton
Swapping out non-biodegradable wipes for eco-friendly flushable wipes would not only cut 90% of the materials that cause sewage blockages, it would also go a long way in decreasing ocean pollution.

What to look for when shopping for biodegradable wipes?

As a consumer, the best way to ensure you’re buying biodegradable wipes is by checking the ingredients on the package. Look for flushable biodegradable wipes that:
Are made from natural renewable plant-based fibers, such as bamboo, viscose, or organic cotton
Contain only plastic-free ingredients
Contain hypoallergenic ingredients
Only use naturally-derived cleansing agents like baking soda

Also, look for packaging descriptions, such as:
100% biodegradable
Made from renewable plant-based materials/fibers Sustainably sourced
Chemical-free | No harsh chemicals
Septic-safe | Sewer-safe

Eco friendly flushable wipes go a long way to securing the health of our environment, oceans, and sewage systems. According to Friends of the Earth, swapping our usual wipes for eco-friendly flushable wipes would cut 90% of the materials that cause sewage blockages, and massively decrease ocean pollution. With that in mind, we have selected the most environmentally friendly wet wipes we could find, so you can wipe guilt-free.

Post time: Nov-08-2022