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Hangzhou Micker Launches High-Quality Custom Logo Mint Wet Wipes: A New Benchmark in Hygiene and Cleanliness

Renowned sanitary product manufacturer Hangzhou Micker Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. has recently unveiled a new high-quality custom logo mint wet wipe. This product not only offers exceptional cleaning efficiency but also contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for a more comfortable user experience. The launch of this product further emphasizes Hangzhou Micker's leading position and technological innovation in the sanitary product industry.

Hangzhou Micker has always been committed to providing the highest quality sanitary products to its customers.     The newly launched high-quality mint wet wipes can be customized with client logos and are made from eco-friendly materials that meet international standards, truly embodying the company's customer-first service philosophy.     Measuring 178x178mm, these wet wipes are suitable for various uses and are made from Spunlace material, offering softness, superior absorbency, and comfort.


Moreover, clients can choose from different packaging options, including 48-piece and 80-piece packs, to meet various market needs. Hangzhou Micker's customization services extend beyond logo design, covering dimensions, packaging, weight, and more, fully satisfying customers' unique requirements.

Healthy Ingredients for Gentle Care

To enhance user experience, the mint wet wipes are enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. These ingredients not only provide significant moisturizing effects but also effectively soothe the skin, making them particularly suitable for sensitive skin. The refreshing mint scent adds a touch of coolness, ensuring users feel unprecedented comfort and enjoyment during use.

During the product development process, Hangzhou Micker adheres strictly to international quality standards. From material selection to production processes, every step is executed with precision. The company has also received several international certifications to ensure product safety and environmental sustainability.

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Technological Innovation Leading Industry Development

As a pioneer in the sanitary product field, Hangzhou Micker continuously invests substantial resources in technological innovation and product development. The new mint wet wipes represent not only an innovation over traditional wet wipes but also a concentrated display of the company's technological prowess. By utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques and stringent quality control, Hangzhou Micker ensures that each wet wipe provides the best possible user experience.

The launch of this new product enriches the company's wet wipe product line and sets a new standard for the entire industry. Hangzhou Micker remains committed to being user-driven, continually innovating and improving service quality to drive healthy development in the sanitary product industry.

We have four wipes production lines, can produce 18w packs of wipes a day, wipes size can be customised, 10-150pcs wipes can be customised
Fully automatic mini wipes production line can produce 10w packs of wipes a day, wipes size can be customised, packaging quantity can be customised

Hangzhou Micker Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. will continue to adhere to its principles of "Innovation, Quality, Service" and will consistently launch more high-quality sanitary products.     We believe that through our relentless efforts and technological advancements, we can bring more convenience and health to users' lives.     Let us all look forward to the cleanliness revolution brought about by these high-quality mint wet wipes!

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